Somos una empresa sólida con 50 años de experiencia internacional en bienes raíces, contamos con agentes capacitados para recibir asesoría y apoyo durante todo el proceso de compra y / o venta para lograr la plena satisfacción del cliente.


Mateo Torres, who after 12 years of service takes over Pacific Estates


Realty World Association dissolves.


Together with Victor Revilla, he buys the Realty World franchise for the Bahia de Banderas area.


Sale of Punta Monterrey.

2002- 2003

Sale of hotel sites where Riu Hotels are currently located.

2001 to 2002

Participation in the Real del Mar project assisting developers to create the concept and sales of it. Malecón dos project association, being in charge of sales.


Affiliation with Sotherby’s International Realty in Mexico, opening the Pacific Estates office in Puerto Vallarta.

1995 to 1998

It generates the most sales in Estratur of the last 35 years including sales in La Peninsula de Las Estrellas. (Michael Solomon, Christopher Tribull, Alfonso Cordero, Duccio Hermenegildo, Seal and Chris Brown, were some clients)


Sales Manager of the company Estratur in Rincón de Careyes, Jalisco.


Half of the shares of Royal Equities are sold to John Loher.


Promotion to main and unique administrator.


built the Royal Equities company.


Promotion to managing director of Hills Companies.


Obtained the broker’s license granted by State of Texas Real Estate Comission.

July 1967

Vice-president of Hill companies in which with the supervision of Kimball Watson presented and approved the seller’s license in Texas Commission of Real Estate, also performing management and marketing tasks.


Beck Companies: main function as market analysis in Texas, identify land for the construction of units and lease of them.