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Secure Corporate Operations Private Limited

Listed underneath the category of Non-govt company, Protect Corporate Management Privately owned Limited was incorporated about 25 September 2019. Its registration particulars are available in the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of Delhi. Its listed office treat is Saket Nagar, Delhi. This provider provides consulting services to several organizations. It is actually registered along with the ROC under the registration quantity 82777. As well as the above info, the company as well provides several other services.

This company was listed in the year 2019 and is lively. It has 3 or more directors. It truly is classified mainly because Company restricted to shares. It has 3 Effective Directors as well as Partners. The company was enclosed under the corporations Act, 2013 (under the name of SGMS), the businesses Act, 1956, and the Income Tax Act. The directors contain CHITRA BORA, AMIT T. S. Agarwal, V. E. Singh, M. P. C., and S. G. V. KUMAR.

Advanced deg are also designed for corporate reliability managers. At the Tulane University of Specialist Advancement, Expert of Professional Studies diplomas in Cybersecurity Management, Reliability Management, and Information Technology Supervision are available. Interested working adults can purchase SoPA plan by completing the online style. After completing the form, you happen to be consenting to obtain information with regards to its courses. You can also opt out at any time. Protected Corporate Administration Private Limited is a leading enterprise engaged in related industries and business activities.

The importance info security cannot be overstated. Actually information secureness is essential for the continuity of an company’s business. Companies lose money due to reliability breaches. With this in mind, the MSc job I had written on the matter explored the role of corporate facts security managers. The study gathered data through telephone interviews and post questionnaires. All of us found that the lack of awareness for the importance of info security plus the importance of retaining it is a significant hurdle. The results within the study suggest a purpose to improve business information security management in the UK.